Semi hard and hard pressed; the longer a cheese is left to mature and the more it is pressed during its maturation, the harder it will become. Once the curds have been heated, they are pressed which increases their firmness. Texture is usually firm but can be grainy as in Grana Padano or silky like Emmental.

The dense texture of semi-hard and hard pressed cheeses lends itself nicely to slicing and grating, ideal for cooking as well as on a cheeseboard or in a sandwich.



Emmental has been France’s most popular cheese since the early 1990s, and has seen tremendous growth since it was launched in the “block format” in 1996. Emmental can be up to 85kg in size, and its holes are an indication of the taste and texture quality of the cheese. Originally made in the Emme Valley between Switzerland and France, the pasteurised variety is made all over France today, with support from Président®. It is a versatile cheese, characterised by a sweet, nutty taste.

Lactalis UK & Ireland


Lactalis UK & Ireland

Comté AOC is a wonderful raw milk cheese, made since ancient times. Produced in the Jura Mountains of Eastern France from Montbéliard and Pié Rouge cattle, its mountain location means that it can be produced in huge 50kg wheels. Comté AOC has an intensely rich, fruity flavour, which becomes spicy with age.


A relatively hard cheese, cheddar is an off-white colour, unless spices such as annatto are added for an orange colouring.. Cheddar was originally made in the British village of the same name, but nowadays it can be made anywhere is the world as long as it meets specified compositional standards. West Country Farmhouse Cheddar, however has a a PDO and must be made with milk from herds reared and milked in Devon, Dorset, Cornwall or Somerset.

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Lactalis UK & Ireland

The coastal climate of South West Scotland is ideal for creating great Cheddar as it is warmer and wetter than inland Scotland and much of the UK. This climate is a factor in successful Dairy Farming and it is a unique climate for grazing.  It also allows the cows to be outdoors for a longer period of time. Grass feeding improves the quality of cow’s milk (richer in omega-3 fats, vitamin E, and other elements). In addition to these nutritional benefits this is excellent for making cheese. The combination of the climate, the grazing, and our unique cheddar recipe, developed through many years of experience, makes Scottish cheddar unique in flavour and quality. Lactalis Cheddars: Seriously Strong Cheddar, Galloway Cheddar, McLelland Cheddar, and Orkney Cheddar.


Made from sheep’s milk and matured over 3 months, manchego is a 2kg barrel-shaped cheese with a herringbone pattern on its rind. Traditionally made using plaited esparto grass baskets, manchego’s distinctive herringbone pattern is today achieved instead by the design of the inside of the mould. Manchego has been granted PDO status.

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Lactalis UK & Ireland

Also known as “Boule de Lille”, Mimolette is a speciality of Northern France, which is coloured orange with annatto. This cheese was probably created when Colbert forbade the purchase of foreign cheeses in the 17th Century. Mimolette has a fruity aroma and is buttery and nutty in flavour.  With time, its caramel tons develop as well, making it a delicious cheeseboard cheese.


Named after the town of the same name in Switzerland, Gruyère is a pressed, cooked cheese, which has been made since the 12th Century. It has a pronounced, sweetish flavour and a dry and firm texture.

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Lactalis UK & Ireland

A hard, slow-ripened, semi-fat Italian cheese, Grana Padano has had protected designation of origin status since 1955. It is produced in 5 Regions and 32 Provinces located in the Po Valley, from Piedmont to Veneto, and some areas of Emilia-Romagna.



Parmigiano Reggiano has a 700 year history. It is produced only in the area west of the river Reno and is reputed for its medicinal and gastronomical qualities. It takes 16 litres of milk to make 1 kg of Parmigiano Reggiano and 600 litres to make one wheel.

Parmigiano Reggiano has a fruity and nutty flavour.  Its dense and grainy texture lends itself nicely to grating over meals but also slicing from a block on a cheeseboard.


Lactalis UK & Ireland


Lactalis UK & Ireland


Pecorino Romano is one of the oldest cheeses in existence. It was mentioned by the Roman agronomist Lucius Clumella in 1st Century AD, and was used as the daily rations of the legionaries of Ancient Rome. Originating in the Latium Region, Pecorino Romano is also made in Sardinia.

Pecorino Romano is crumbly and dense in texture with a nutty aroma and sharp but smokey flavours. Excellent grated on pasta or rice dishes but also on a cheeseboard.