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Lactalis UK & Ireland represents the cheese, butter and cream-making side of our business, delighting consumers with tasty products from brands such as Galbani, Seriously®, Leerdammer and Président.

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In the UK, the Lactalis Group has a strong presence; comprised of the the Lactalis UK & Ireland Group of companies and the Nestlé joint venture, Lactalis Nestlé Chilled Dairy.

1 in 2 UK homes will have some of our delicious brands in their fridge. Brands such as Seriously Cheddar, Président, Galbani, Leerdammer Rachel’s Organic, Nestlé Lindahls, Munch Bunch and Aero.


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In the UK, the cheese, butter & cream arm of our business has manufacturing sites in Stranraer (Scotland) and Lubborn (England), and in each area we are one of the major employers, with an important role to play in the local economy and community.

You’ll also find our corporate head office in Grosvenor House, Redhill, Surrey. Based here are our marketing, sales, quality, HR, IT, supply chain, finance and financial planning & analysis and corporate teams. Together, we’re united in our ambition to deliver sustainable and profitable growth and develop our people.

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The Lactalis Group is the world’s leading dairy group. It is a French family business founded in Laval in 1933. Present in 51 countries and 270 dairies and cheese dairies around the world, its 85,500 employees add value to milk in all its forms: cheeses, drinking milk, yoghurt, butter and cream, dairy ingredients and nutrition.

At the heart of the daily lives of millions of households, the Lactalis Group offers products under iconic brands such as Président, Galbani, Parmalat and Leerdammer, and as the world’s leading player in PDO cheeses, is committed to ensuring that dairy expertise is valued and passed on from generation to generation.


A company’s sense of purpose defines and sets out the role it wishes to play in society and with all its stakeholders.

It’s in keeping with the company’s history while at the same time offering an appropriate response to the current and future challenges which the company needs to meet to ensure its sustainability and growth.

At Group Lactalis, we have specifically chosen to define a “purpose in action”; Nurturing The Future. As a dynamic Group, we are action-orientated and we are evolving our business to meet the demographic, societal and environmental challenges facing the dairy sector. Find out more here: .