Nurturing the future

By giving ourselves a purpose in action, we are clarifying the role we want to play in the world.

We choose to nurture a responsible future by pledging to provide the best dairy products possible to support each and everyone’s growth, in partnership with local territories. Since 1933, we have chosen dairy products – the choice for the future.

From generation to generation, innovation after innovation, we have developed, perfected and shared the top-level expertise that has nurtured the world’s dairy traditions and brought them to life in every home, through a unique portfolio of brands that are deeply rooted in consumers’ everyday lives.

Faced with increasingly acute demographic, health, and environmental challenges, we are convinced that dairy products have a major role to play in diets today and in the future. As the world leader and foremost experts in this field, we have a responsibility to nurture the future.

Our purpose in action is based around 7 action-orientated pillars that guide our work:

Our Mission

Whilst our purpose in action clarifies the role we want to play in society and in the world our mission states what we do and what drives us: “a family business which each and every day offers healthy, tasty and affordable products which bring people together.”


We support our farmers, respect local traditions and always promote the notion of terroir.

The development of the Lactalis Group, a major player in the European and global dairy sector, has always been carried out with utmost respect of people, particularly milk producers whose future is intrinsically linked to the growth of the Group. The constant investment made by the Lactalis Group in innovation, brand development and international activities creates value and enhances milk promotion.

Milk production requires solid professional expertise and the capacity to adapt to an ever changing market. The technicians and sales people at the Lactalis Group assist milk producers with the production process, in order to meet hygiene and quality standards inherent to processing and marketing milk and dairy products.

The milk procurement department of the Lactalis Group is responsible for managing and optimising milk supplies on behalf of the various factories of the Group. Their two main areas of focus are: optimisation of milk collection rounds, as well as ensuring good quality milk that is both healthy and nutritious.


Set high targets..

in the group’s day-to-day management and continue developing professional and personal skills.


Show a strong entrepreneurial spirit…

both individual and collective.

Demonstrate reliability, responsibility and loyalty.


Act transparently, pragmatically…

and maintain an open mind whilst working effectively with a focus on results.