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At Lactalis we believe that if you are good enough and ambitious enough we are happy to give people responsibility early in their careers. We give people the time, space and support to shine in a dynamic and fast paced working environment.

Why Work for Lactalis

Lactalis UK & Ireland

Lactalis is part of the Lactalis Group that is one of the largest dairy businesses in the world with a turnover of 20 Billion Euro, a presence in 94 counties and employing 85,000 people worldwide. As part of such a large multi-national organisation we can offer challenging opportunities across the UK and overseas.

Lactalis can offer people challenging and rewarding career opportunities at all levels of the organisation and across all business functions such as:

In Lactalis we have some of the best-known food brands in the UK and globally:

Lactalis Mclelland
Lactalis Mclelland
Lactalis Mclelland
Lactalis Mclelland



Bring the consumer to the heart of the business to create meaningful relationships with brands to deliver incremental value and ensure long term brand health.

We will do this via:

  • Creating brand affinity
  • Real consumer insights
  • Innovative products
  • Meaningful brand experience



- Marketing Department



The IT team objective is:

  • To provide a robust service and support that allows people to work daily.
  • To deliver System changes and improvements depending on business needs and priority (important stuff first), on time and budget.
  • To ensure there is no gaps between Operating System and Team knowledge vs how the business operates by anticipating change needs.
  • To ensure our System is permanently updated to the latest technology and is as competitive as possible than market and competitors.
  • Where possible use single data entry points
  • To make the most of the data valuable, efficient and user friendly report/interpretation.
  • To add more value than cost

- IT Department



At Lactalis we believe that people make the difference. Our strength and success is built around strong leadership and a united culture built around the Lactalis values of Ambition, Commitment & with Simplicity.

In the UK business we have 4 key pillars for HR to deliver, and to help our people to grow:

Prepare People for Growth.

  • Identify internal talent who are the leaders of the future
  • Recruit the best talent
  • Ensure people are trained appropriately in the Lactalis business model and values

Develop Leadership Skills.

  • Define the behaviours we require
  • Train Leaders effectively
  • Develop engagement at all levels

Build appropriate reward and retention policies to retain talented people.

  • Reward and retain the best people
  • Effectively engage our workforce

Leverage the Lactalis values and business model.

  • Develop the values deep into the culture of the business
  • Train people in the Lactalis way

- HR


Commercial Sales

Our goal is to be recognised by our customers
as a leading provider of shopper based solutions that drive mutual profitable growth across our brands & own label. We are focused on understanding our customer’s business, having positive multi-level engagement, finding common ground & providing insight led solutions.

We will develop longer term & more involved partnerships with our customers based on the breadth of the product opportunities that we can offer, the strength of our category & shopper insights & our proactive “can do” approach to business. As a team we are experts in all channels & drive growth ahead of the average across Grocery, Convenience, Discounters, Value Retailers, Online, Food Service & Out of Home.

The team is goal orientated, makes decisions based on sound commercial judgements & with an ROI mind set. We take a strategic approach to building commercial plans, have a training plan to improve sales capability & we grow our leaders of the future by investing in succession planning.

- Commerical/Sales Department

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

The Supply Chain Department aim to deliver a high service solution which is aligned to our customers’ strategies at the lowest possible cost, whilst respecting the values and vision of the organisation.

We encourage and embed a high performance team culture, with a continuous improvement mind set, whilst utilising our relationship with key suppliers and customers to tailor innovative and forward thinking supply chain solutions.

Our strategic thrusts are:

  • Delivering great service to new routes to market
  • Build and leverage excellent customer collaborative relationships within supply chain
  • Challenging all of our manufacturing sites to increase agility for the UK market
  • Deliver a fit for the future logistics solution”

- Supply Chain



The Quality Department’s main function is to ensure that our products are safe, of the best quality and comply with all legal requirements. We work cross-functionally to achieve the LML business objectives, analysing results to anticipate and raise alerts when there are problems.

We work together to find positive, simple and pragmatic business solutions which are long-lasting and prevent recurrence and influence others to do the same.  We focus on the business priorities and the things that add value seeking continuous improvements in results, product quality, business processes and levels of service. We give our internal & external customers and consumers excellent service and support and safeguard the essentials within the organisation.

We are committed to delivering this by applying:

  • Passion – in everything we do
  • Enthusiasm – support & influence colleagues, find solutions
  • Challenging – does it add value? Right 1st time
  • Progression – continuous improvement & building on our expertise
  • Excellence – great customer & consumer service
  • Control – minimising risks & driving consistency

- Quality Department



Ensure business integrity, financial health, control and drive profitable growth. To have a clear understanding of the overall business strategies and match the department’s organisation, job roles and responsibilities to the business requirements and deliver a first class service at the best cost while ensuring an effective and efficient enterprise wide control environment. To provide a first class service to the UK businesses and to the Group with the right team within an effective control environment. The Department provides a broad range of different services as explained below:

  • Corporate which includes governance, Internal controls, External reporting, Standard Accounting guidelines, Company Secretary, Policies and Procedures, Company culture and contacts with Key stakeholders.
  • Financial Services which includes transactional, administrative and compliance support to the business. The service is delivered through the Finance Shared service for both LML and LNCD and separate services based at the manufacturing sites. Although Legal, Treasury  and Tax are part of this service, these are centralised for the LML group of companies to eliminate duplication of role.
  • Finance Business Services covers business decision support and planning and reporting and linked to the Business Analysis team which sits alongside the main finance team as there are overlaps.
  • General Services consist of Office facilities, Insurance, Health and Safety and well being at work

- Finance



To manage an industrial profit centre by leading a team towards a goal of competitiveness, durability, development and customer satisfaction within the framework of divisional industrial policy and in compliance with regulations.


  • Management – develop staff skills, increase the performance of the production unit, maintain and develop a good social climate
  • Control – guarantee the performance of the trading account, improve the competitiveness of the industrial tool
  • Quality/food hygiene – guarantee and improve product quality, guarantee food safety and customer satisfaction

- Industrial Department

At Lactalis we believe that if you are good enough and ambitious enough we are happy to give people responsibility early in their careers. We give people the time, space and support to shine in a dynamic and fast paced working environment.

We are striving for Lactalis to be a “Great Place to Work”, where people can have challenging careers and where ambition, delivery, creativity, teamwork and a pragmatic approach are rewarded and recognised.

Lactalis is a supporting partner in the “Stronger Together” initiative, founded to reduce human trafficking, forced labour and other third party worker exploitation hidden in supply chains.

Stranger Together

If you join Lactalis you will also have the opportunity to work on some of the UK’s best known brands.


Lactalis UK & Ireland

In Lactalis we put a great deal of emphasis on finding the right people who will fit, share in and thrive in the vision and values and culture of the organisation.

We are an ambitious organisation where performance and delivery are rewarded. We want to employ people who continuously strive to improve the business and themselves and who achieve this while developing themselves and those around them.

We want to employ people; who are engaged with the organisation:

  • People who are tenacious, and don’t give up at the first sign of difficulty.
  • People who are accountable and deliver on their promises.
  • People who are fiercely loyal to themselves, their colleagues and the business.
  • People who are entrepreneurial and keen to grow the business and themselves.

If this is you please contact us by clicking on the following link.